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Text/WhatsApp/Facebook: 08108113445 for JAMB CBT 2021 Runz

Dear 2021 JAMB Candidate, below are some of the hot links you may be interested in


This is a special site design for JAMB Help which gives you an opportunity to score 250-270+ in your JAMB 2021 Exam.

WARNING:-Please do not read this if you are not ready to gain admission this year 2021.

HISTORY: Our previous JAMB CBT assistances were all successful with 280 - 300+ Marks since 2012 to date.

First of all, we would like to show you the Screenshots and Proofs from our previous JAMB subscribers; this will not only convince you but also let you tell your friends about us. But for security and privacy reasons, we have stopped displaying such materials here. It would be of utmost joy if you chat/text us to request for it.

NOTE: Watermark of our Official websites; Examcoded.com has been added to every these screenshots/proofs. This is to prevent other sites from dubbing our proofs. After or before your subscription, you can request for as many proofs as you want it and we would blast your email with more than enough Proofs! We provide Proofs for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019, 2020 only because those were computer-based ones. You can request for more Proofs after your Subscription.

Don't you think it will be good if we provide you with JAMB CBT 2021 Real Answers before your Exam day? Yes!!! We will help you excel in JAMB CBT 2021 using our 101% system.

NOTE: - We guarantee you that all Answers will extracted/fetched by our JAMB EXTRACTOR delivered to your DASHBOARD and also sent to your phone as SMS at EXACTLY 24HRS BEFORE YOUR OWN EXAM. You would have no reason to panic. We gat your back.


Yes!, this is the simplest question for us to answer. To PASS, you need to SUBSCRIBE for our surest answers by following below instructions starting from the list of available subjects.


  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Literature-in-English
  • Economics
  • Commerce
  • C.R.S
  • I.R.S
  • Financial Accounting
  • Agricultural Science
  • Government
  • Geography,


  • Per subject -          N1,500 MTN CARD (N1,500)
  • Four (4) subjects -           N5,000 MTN CARD (N5,000)
  • All subjects -           N30,000 MTN CARD (N30, 000)


WARNING:- Do not discard the card until you receive a confirmation message telling you that your subscription was successful.


Step by Step Procedures to Subscribe:

NOTE: Do not select all the subjects, select ONLY subject you want to pay for. (The higher the number of subject, the higher the cost)

  • Click submit and a SUMMARY page will come up which displays all your submitted information.
  • You need to activate your account by making payment for what you have submitted. You are required to send your JAMB Registration Number and MTN card pin worth the TOTAL PAYABLE AMOUNT to the Admin on 08108113445.

    WARNING:- Do not discard the card until you receive a confirmation message telling you that your subscription was successful.

NOTE: Your JAMB registration number will be used to fetched all your other submitted data from our database like phone number, subjects etc.

  • Within maximum of 15 minutes of making successful payment, an ACTIVATION CODE will be sent your phone number as SMS.
  • Insert the ACTIVATION CODE into the activation box provided to activate your account and have access to our JAMB 2021 database..
  • You can edit your data at that very page (SUMMARY), if you notice something is wrong/incorrect. Click on Edit Profile. Make sure to fill appropriately.
  • After successful payment, if you find the account activation too stressful or you don’t understand, you can ask ADMIN 08108113445 to do that for you.
  • After activating your account, you can now access our JAMB database by visiting https://examcoded.com/subscribe/verify.php
  • In your DASHBOARD, when it is a day to your exam, our JAMB QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS EXTRACTOR would automatically extract/fetch your own Questions and Answers from the JAMB database with continuous monitoring.

MUST READ:- You can still subscribe for 2021 JAMB CBT Exam Assistance if you have not been given the exam date and time. Your record is very much safe in our database. Once you reprint you can just edit your profile and put your exam date and time or send to Admin with your JAMB Reg. No.

FACT: Order your JAMB CBT 2021 Answers now, the earlier the better. Don’t wait till when there would be congestion when you will be begging before you are given the opportunity.


Question: If I pay this amount now, will it be too early?
Answer: YES. But it is good. Because the earlier the better. Our price might be increased at any time. So, late subscription attracts additional cost.
Question: If I pay this amount, will I pay any additional fee?
Answer: NO! Inasmuch it is not a late subscription
Question: How quick will I get the assistance?
Answer: With our JAMB QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS EXTRACTOR, your package would be available in your DASHBOARD when it a day to your exam. NOTE: your package would also be sent to your phone number as SMS.
Question: Is the CBT Package for all Subjects?
Answer: It depends on what you want, we have package for per subject, four subjects and all subjects. (ANYHOW YOU WANT IT)
Question: How am I sure this is not a Scam?
Answer: We are not claiming to be the BEST but our handwriting is all over the wall. You can start from your collegues/school mates or the person that referred you to us. We have been doing it and it has always been successful.
Question: When will subscription end?
Answer: Our JAMB subscription will end when JAMB registration closes.

Oh! You still have questions which are not answered here??? Kindly meet us on whatsapp through 08108113445 or send us direct text message to the same number. 

Thank you for Choosing Examcoded.com

Yours faithfully